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Organize an amazing 3D virtual event

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From hybrid conferences and to online courses

Virtual / Hybrid Events

Virtual and/or physical events with tailor-made calendar

Virtual / Hybrid

Virtually broadcasted courses that can be recorded and paused anytime

Virtual / Hybrid
Networking & Collaborations

Students can interact virtually with other students and the professor to chat privately or meet personally in the breakout room.

Company Learning &

e-Train provides high quality custom-built solutions that help fulfill company needs and educate and train their employees

Virtual Reality

Avatar can explore 3D virtual conference/university environment and interact with others

Learning Times

Users/Students can access and learn their course of choice at their own pace, from anywhere.

  • Virtual / Hybrid Events
  • Hybrid Networking Events
  • Conferences, Workshops & Summits
  • Startup Pitches
  • Fairs & Exhibition
  • Live Shows, Auctions (NFTs)
  • Virtual / Hybrid Courses
  • Hybrid Courses (Continuous Learning, Bachelor, Master Degree)
  • Academic Conferences, Workshops & Summits
  • Course Certificate on Blockchain
  • +
    Study Loans and course payment in crypto currencies
  • 3D Games for students

From Hybrid Conference And To Online Course

Virtual / Hybrid Events
Virtual / Hybrid Events

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    Our solution is better as it enables universities to have a more engaging, interactive and fun way of teaching and learning.

    We want to democratize the education system by providing quality online/hybrid education in the most sustainable and cost-effective way. Students worldwide get access to flexible and affordable education in the most engaging and interactive way (3D environment, gamification, matching algorithm, student financing).

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