eTrain is an education and virtual conference platform with a unique integrated networking functionality

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  • eTrain offers universities/schools a platform to increase the number of students by means of live transmission of lectures (totally online and/or on campus) as well as with repeat function - these are recorded in top video quality
  • eTrain offers flexible and high quality online distance learning opportunities to students around the world (especially in the USA, Asia, Latin America and Africa) and to athletes who lack flexible tailor-made education opportunities.
  • eTrain offers solutions for corporates (for example tailor-made courses for employees (eg. CAS, LLM banking) and a unique calendar and meeting set up functionality and an expert platform to find experts for special tasks

The event and course platform solution

Virtual / Hybrid

Virtual and/or physical events with tailor-made calendar

Virtual / Hybrid

Virtually broadcasted courses that can be recorded and paused anytime

Virtual / Hybrid
Networking & Collaborations

Students can interact virtually with other students and the professor to chat privately or meet personally in the breakout room.

Company Learning &

e-Train provides high quality custom-built solutions that help fulfill company needs and educate and train their employees

Virtual Reality

Avatar can explore 3D virtual conference/university environment and interact with others

Learning Times

Users/Students can access and learn their course of choice at their own pace, from anywhere.

Why Choose eTrain ?

  • Provides live courses (on campus and/or online) and replay functionality
  • Enables online student and professor interactions (Networking)
    • Calendar functionality supports easy meting set up
    • Algorithms propose suitable participants for meeting (eg. breaks) and suggest topics 
  • Supports students in finding financing and sponsoring (eg. banks, foundation)
  • Supports connections between students, companies and universities (eg. internship)
  • Creates tailor-made courses with universities (eg. sustainability, blockchain, sports EMBA)
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