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eTrain offers universities a platform to increase the number of students through live (hybrid) broadcasting current and/or future courses. eTrain provides flexible and high-quality educational opportunities for remote online education to sports athletes which are lacking (flexible) education possibilities as well as talented female professionals and Asian, LATAM and African students (and increase diversity and equality). eTrain offers solutions for Corporates (including tailormade courses for employees e.g. CAS, LLM banking) and an expert platform. eTrain’s platform provides a unique networking functionality and enables to set up meetings between professors, students and participants

eTrain combines online courses and online networking.

We support universities to broadcast their courses live and thus reach a much larger audience worldwide and thanks to our recommender system algorithm we are able to suggest with which other students there might be a match. In addition, our camera specialist will record all the courses (in high-quality).

EY and PwC already use our virtual Conference Solution for our joint conferences

  • Sustainable Leaders Conference with EY on 2.12.2020 with 25 CEOs
  • Digital Leaders Conference with PwC and 30 CEO/CTOs in May 2021

Working Procedures

User redirects from SAMBA website to eTrain
User will redirect to eTrain platform from SAMBA where the live conference will begin
User can choose the participation type if they will participate online or physically.
User can choose the available face tone, hair, dress, etc
When the user enters to the confernece hall, everything around him will be the 3D environment.
Once user can ask another user for 'Ask for a meet' or 'Chat Privately'. If the user selects 'Ask for a meet', it will show the available time period
After User selects some other user and request for chat, they can initiate the chat.
User can switch back and forth to video call and virtual conference environment
User can zoom in to the presentation slides
calendar integration - User can see calendar of other user
The notification will be sent to that user that someone has requested for a meet.
User can select 'View Detail' to view the detailed information of that User
User can see all the information of a particular user/member
Start a Video call with your selected participants
One to one video call, and in a virtual environment you are in a breakout room with the selected participants.
User can zoom in to the presentation slides
User can leave the event

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