Business Essentials for Athletes

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What you will learn?


The focus is to provide integrative management knowledge with a focus on athletes for a career after their career and for re-entrants who either want to reorient themselves or start a new one. The program is designed to enable participants to apply key business disciplines in a goal-oriented manner and to promote innovation and change.

Target audience 

  • Athletes and sports students
  • Re-entrants (family)
  • Entrepreneurs

Start date: December 2021

Application deadline: November 30, 2021

Duration & Schedule: 1x per week: Monday 17:00-21:00 Total 6 months and 12 days (200hrs.)

Diploma: Certificate (5 ECTS) Business Essentials from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (HWZ)

Outlook: Possibility of an additional 4 CAS plus master thesis for achieving an EMBA.

                    (on admission file)

Location: with eTrain course platform

  • Fully online or
  • Hybrid: HWZ building in Zurich and online

Program language: German


  • Hybrid: 5'800 CHF (2-3 days on-site & rest online)
  • Fully online: 4'800 CHF

Financial support can be requested by all & will be handled individually

Monthly payments possible


  • Final paper
  • Learning support from coaches during preparation


  • Faster, most flexible solution and attractively priced
  • Full flexibility, time, and location
  • Practical relevance: company partnership and project work with companies, possibly internship/jobs 
  • Live and/or recorded lectures
  • Relevant knowledge for a business career

Further information and registration

 Our website: www.etrainplatform.com/courses 


Certificate Course Content


1. Economics: Micro-, Macro-Economics (2 days)

Supply and Demand

Firms in Monopolistic or Competitive Context

Price Levels and Exchange Rates


2. Accounting I + II + III (3days)

Income Statement, Balance Sheet

Cash Flow

Reporting (IFRS)


3. Investment, Financing, Valuation (2 days)

Net Present Value, Portfolio Allocation, Valuation, DCF, ROI, Equity, Loans



4. Strategy, Marketing, Sustainability (3 days)

Business Models, Strategy, and How to Integrate Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability Considerations

Marketing, Branding and social media

Digital Transformation


5. Principles Management & Law (2 days)

Management Analysis and Decision Making

Effective Management Planning,

Organization, Influence and Control

Contract Law, Compliance, Taxes


Active professional athletes, re-entrants and specialists and managers with SME background from various industries, course topics focus on SMEs with 25-250 employees. Of course, participants from larger or smaller companies are also welcome.
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This course includes:

  • Target Audience : Athletes
  • Start Date : December 2021
  • Pricing : Hybrid - 5'800 CHF (2-3 days on site & rest online) and Fully online - 4'800 CHF
  • Duration & Setup : 6 Months
  • Degree & Credits : 5 ECTS