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What you will learn?

The CAS Fintech & Blockchain Economy builds a bridge between the established real economy and the potential of a dynamic future in a financial world characterized by fintechs and new types of blockchain-orchestrated value chains. By deliberately demystifying the hype, a solid knowledge base is created. This course enables you to link the application areas of fintech and blockchain ecosystems with commercial opportunities for your company.


According to a survey of business leaders and politicians, over 10% of global economic output will be processed via the blockchain by 2027. Company founders have already raised around 10 billion dollars through the financing and investment models of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The still young technology, on which crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple are based, is spreading inexorably. More and more companies, also outside the financial sector, are integrating blockchain and crypto into their value chains for logistics, trade and insurance.

The extra-occupational CAS provides you with the know-how in 18 study days to answer the following questions, among others:

  • What is the magical attraction of the blockchain based on? What does she promise?
  • Where and above all how can the greatest potential around blockchain be tapped in the short and medium term? Are there any sensible alternatives?
  • What effects does the decentralized architecture of crypto-based technology concepts have on society, politics and the world of work?
  • How can disruptive industries in particular keep agility high in order to quickly validate interesting solutions for (and with) customers.
  • Which strategies promise the best success in dealing with the regulator and in involving partners?
  • How can blockchain be meaningfully integrated into higher-level digital initiatives and which business model governance is required for this?
  • What is at stake?

Goal setting

After completing this training, you will be able to help shape the digital change through the blockchain and to accompany it competently. They understand the ecosystem and its effects on customers, the market and the regulators.


The CAS Fintech & Blockchain Economy is aimed at employees from the financial industry, their partners in the CFO offices on the customer side, consultants and representatives from other areas of the company. You want to play an active role in shaping the transformation associated with blockchain concepts and have the ambition to methodically and thoroughly expand your professional skills in this promising professional field.


Der CAS Fintech & Blockchain Economy ist ein in sich geschlossener Zertifikatskurs mit Leistungsnachweis. Studierenden mit MAS-Zulassung kann er als empfohlenes Wahlmodul des MAS Digital Excellence for Financial Services angerechnet werden.


With the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Fintech & Blockchain Economy, after 18 course days, you will be able to give a sound assessment of challenges and perspectives in relation to new innovation potential, co-creation concepts, business models and increased efficiency. In addition, you sharpen your feeling for how you can make a significant contribution to the future viability of your organization in your role as an expert, solution designer, ecosystem architect or business model developer.


Aufbau und Inhalt
Das Konzept des CAS Blockchain & Fintech Economy umfasst vier inhaltliche Module, eine 4-tägige Studienreise nach Singapur und eine abschließende Zertifikatsarbeit.

Fintech & Blockchain Wirtschaft - Grundlagen

  • Fintechs und die etablierte Finanzindustrie - Herausforderungen und Perspektiven für die Schweiz, Europa und die Welt
  • Die Strategien & Tools von Big Tech aus dem Silicon Valley (& China) und wie sie damit Finanzdienstleistungen angreifen
  • Geschichte, Status und Perspektiven von Krypto & Blockchain
  • Plattformökonomie / Open Banking / ISO20022 / API / Smart Contracts / Distributed Ledger - Brücken zur Realwirtschaft
  • Fintech- & Blockchain-Ökosysteme (Stakeholder, Treiber, Regulatoren, Mitwirkende)
  • Wertschöpfung & Finanzierung (Crowdfunding, Mining, Tokenisierung, ICO / STO / IEO, VC)
  • Eine globale Perspektive für die Gestaltung neuer Wertschöpfungsketten Schweizer Innovationsführer (Logistik, Robotik, Dienstleistungen, Banken / Versicherungen, etc.)

Anwendungsfälle & Vertikale

  • Register & E-Government-Anwendungen
  • Verbraucher- & Firmenkundengeschäft, Neo-Banking, Versicherungen, Überweisungen, Treasury & Intercompany-Transfers
  • Co-Creation in branchenübergreifenden Ökosystemen
  • ID-Management, Strafverfolgung, Handel & Lieferkette
  • AdChain - die nächste Welle der Veränderung für die Medienbranche?
  • Cyber Security und Datensicherheit


  • Value Proposition Design, Business Model Canvas & Venture Studio
  • UX / Customer Journey Mapping
  • Token-Ökonomie / Universelle Geldbörsen
  • Skalierung in Ökosystemen - Zusammenarbeit mit Inkubatoren, Fintech- & Blockchain-Startups, Unternehmen & anderen Stakeholdern

Die Zukunft der Arbeit, Mindset & Kultur

  • Digitale Führung & Innovationskultur
  • Gig Economy & Blockchain
  • Community Building & Growth Hacking
  • Verhaltensökonomie

Abgerundet wird dieses Training durch eine kompakte 4-tägige Studienreise nach Singapur, dem aufstrebenden Fintech- und Blockchain-Hub in Südostasien.

Hochschulabschluss oder adäquater Bildungsabschluss sowie mindestens 2 Jahre einschlägige Berufserfahrung.

Studiengang in Teilzeit
Ein 100-prozentiges Arbeitspensum ist möglich.

"Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Blockchain & Fintech Economy"

Anzahl der Teilnehmer
Maximal 24 Teilnehmer

Gut zu wissen
Im Rahmen einer 4-tägigen Studienreise besuchen Sie das aufstrebende Fintech- und Blockchain-Epizentrum Singapur und lernen von globalen Meinungsführern und Vordenkern der Schweizer Diaspora in Südostasien.

Place of study
Zurich; Sihlhof (directly at the main station)

The language of instruction is predominantly German, while the scripts for the lessons are often written in English. English proficiency is required for the Study Tour and some selected lessons.

Patrick Comboeuf
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This course includes:

  • Target Audience : Richtet sich an Mitarbeiter aus der Finanzbranche, deren Partner in den CFO-Büros auf Kundenseite, Berater / Advisors und Vertreter aus anderen Unternehmensbereichen.
  • Start Date : Mai 2022
  • Pricing : CHF 10,900 (excluding flight and accommodation for the study trip)
  • Duration & Setup : 1 Semester (18 Tage inklusive 4 Tage Studienreise)
  • Degree & Credits : 15 ECTS-Leistungspunkte