CAS GESTION D’ENTREPRISE 21-22 – GC Gestion du changement

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What you will learn?

CAS GESTION D’ENTREPRISE 21-22 – GC Gestion du changement

Master management techniques and methods

The Certificate in Business Management for Emerging Markets (GEME) covers extensive knowledge, techniques and methods of application in all management disciplines. During your training, you will learn to decide and act in uncertain situations and when you are under pressure, due to a lack of information or a lack of time.

It is not only a question of imparting knowledge to you, but above all of allowing you to strengthen your way of thinking and your behavior as a leader and team leader.




Introduction to business management, history and developments, organizational and decision-making theories, models of corporate structures and cultures, business models and digitization, international comparisons and emerging contexts.


Strategy of organizations with theoretical contributions, analysis and decision tools, organizational design, corporate and business strategies, strategic choice with alternatives and risk analysis.


Marketing of organizations with fundamental contributions to the marketing approach in connection with the strategy, marketing planning and marketing mix, implementation and monitoring of its effectiveness with relevant indicators in an emerging environment.


Accounting of organizations with learning of international rules and standards, notions of general and analytical accounting, balance sheets and profit and loss account, main accounting ratios and accounting principles, local taxation.


Finances of organizations with budgeting and concepts of budget analysis, assessments and financial ratios of balance sheets, financial analysis and cash flow plans, cash flow and liquidity, valuation of assets. 


Human resources of organizations with evolutions over time from personnel administration to the strategic management of human capital, key activities of a 21st century HRD, human relations and issues of power.


Internal and external communication of organizations in the digital age, information and media management, intranet and fake news, data administration and data mining, use of emails in organizations, web-communication, intercultural external communication.


Change management and organizational agility in a VUCA environment, prerequisites and change skills, change management and communication in change situations, analysis of notable successes and failures in emerging markets.


Global case study focused on an emerging market from which the participants come, with evaluation of the knowledge and/or skills acquired, then oral presentation in front of a jury of HEG professors and experts from all origins.

People who have graduated from a recognized college or university, from a specialized tertiary level school or have equivalent skills, with at least 3 years of validated professional experience as a manager.

This course includes:

  • Target Audience : This program is particularly relevant to you if you hold a management position in a French-speaking African country, wishing to acquire solid knowledge in business management
  • Start Date : 2022-09-21
  • Pricing : €3,000
  • Duration & Setup : 9 months
  • Degree & Credits : 10 ECTS