Mini-MBA: Essential Business Skills

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UBC Sauder School of Business

What you will learn?

Step up to the next level of success

No matter who you are in the world of business, getting a big-picture view of how business really works can be a pivotal strategy for advancing your career and growing your organization. 

Spread over a concise five weeks, this robust program provides a comprehensive look at the fundamentals of business and current organizational practices. It covers all the key components of a formal business school curriculum, enabling you to increase your business acumen and bring fresh insights to your work without having to commit full time to study. 

Led by award-winning Sauder faculty, the program will expand your knowledge and applied skills in strategy, financial management, operations, strategic HR and marketing. You’ll also explore how decisions in one area may impact the others, and how strategic integration between functions can drive organizational success. 

The learning journey

Designed to fit your busy schedule, the fast-paced program format features a unique integration of self-paced learning and online class interaction. 

The self-paced components include faculty-directed material (readings, videos, case studies and assignments) that provide the information you need to know before joining your peers in the virtual classroom. 

The live sessions bring learning to life through online contact with the faculty and your colleagues. Sessions include class discussion, Q&As, peer-group collaboration, networking, etc.—all intended to vitalize the content with that most valuable learning tool of all: human interaction. 

Benefits for You

  • Get a solid grounding in the key components of business
  • Recognize the connections between different functional areas 
  • Look at the business from multiple angles, to reach more informed decisions 
  • Deepen your experience through peer networking and collaboration
  • Keep pace in today’s increasingly complex business environment
  • Drive your career forward while delivering value to your organization on many levels

Benefits for your organization

  • Ensure your company has the critical knowledge and skills it needs to succeed
  • Build organizational power to spot opportunities and manage challenges
  • Become more adept at cascading strategy through every business function
  • Promote cooperation and action between various areas of the business
  • Develop your company’s talent and succession pipeline 


Program Content


  • Environmental scanning and market assessment
  • Sources of competitive advantage and barriers to entry
  • Building effective value propositions
  • Contemporary models of strategic planning
Finance and Accounting

  • Key financial/accounting principles and tools 
  • The effect of transactions on the company’s financial position 
  • The budgetary cycle and financial controls
  • Time value of money: creating support for business decisions

  • Core principles of high-performing processes 
  • The role of operational building blocks (capacity, inventory etc.) 
  • Integrating operations with other functional areas 
  • Creating an effective operational strategy 
Strategic HR 

  • Fundamental principles
  • Utilizing HR to integrate business strategy
  • Driving results by managing performance and building high-level partnership skills
  • Leading people through change 

  • Understanding customers (businesses and end consumers)
  • Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Making product, place, price and promotion decisions
  • Digital and social marketing strategy 

Special features

This program blends interactive, instructor-led live sessions with engaging self-paced learning opportunities—enabling you to bring fresh insights to your work, while you work. 

This program is ideal for those at any stage of their career, including: 

  • Early or mid-career managers aspiring to expand their executive potential 
  • Small-business owners/managers who want to grow an enterprise
  • Senior business leaders looking to refresh their perspectives with new ideas 
  • Anyone who has wanted to pursue a formal program of business study but never found the opportunity

Program Schedule

Please register before Nov. 1 in order to attend the introductory session and give yourself time to complete the pre-program activities. 

Introductory session: Nov 1 (5:00pm - 6:00pm PT)

Live sessions take place from
8:30am - 12:00pm PT on:

Week One: Nov 15, 18, 19
Week Two: Nov 22, 25, 26 
Week Three: Nov 29, Dec 2, 3
Week Four: Dec 7,  13* (*Dec 13: 9:00am - 12:00pm) 

Times subject to change

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Nasima Ramji
Learning Advisor, Executive Education
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This course includes:

  • Target Audience : This program is ideal for those at any stage of their career, including early or mid-career managers, small-business owners/managers, senior business leaders.
  • Start Date : November 1st 2021
  • Pricing : $4995.00 + tax (5%)
  • Duration & Setup : 5 weeks
  • Degree & Credits :