Course Overview:

Exploring the concept of change

The company's point of view

- Change, did you say change?

The point of view of the actors of the company

- Change, because it has to be!

The point of view of management researchers

- The change in all its states

The main theoretical approaches

- Change or Changes?

The model explained

- The variables

Major theoretical approaches

- Typologies and change management

Planning for change

- Case of the Federal Administration of Finance

Reasons and conduct of the change

- Cases and actors in practice

Illustrations: theoretical and empirical research

- The case of the Swiss energy sector

The methodological tools

- Case of IS OR ERP implementation

Success or failure

- Main Causes

Key points to remember

- Process - Communication - Time - Investment

The ten keys to change management

- Source: gilles de chezelles - 2016


Why and how: sharing methods and practices

Some key aphorisms

- The human face of change

- Typologies of change

- Nature and magnitude of change

- Instigators, Agents, Actors

- Adherence factors

- Resistance factors

- Stages of change for humans

- Change Project Approach

- Diagnosis

- Vision of the project

- Aspects to be taken into account

- Project Structure

- Project Approval

- Implementation, Follow-Up, Information

- Communication

- Tools or Approaches

- Cases of Successful Change

- Thinking and Deploying Change

- The Mindset of Change








Change Management

Prof. Philippe Laurent Professor, School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR)

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